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Accounting & Distribution Systems

Covering; Nominal, Purchase and Sales Ledgers, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Cashbook,
Multi-Currency, Stock Control, Bill of Materials, Works Order Processing, Sales & Purchase Order Processing,
Project & Time Costing, Report Writers, Telesales, Invoicing & Sales Analysis

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Many businesses interpret CRM as Contact Management Systems. It is much more. CRM covers data flow and centralized
customer information. It gives the Business Executive the confidence to make business decisions based on information he
knows he can trust.

Making the most of informationBusiness Knowledge

Also called Business Intelligence, Report Writing or Information Systems. Business Knowledge is about taking
information and adding value to it. Good business decisions are made on the quality and not the quantity of
information received.

Data Warehousing / Mining

The core of many good Client and Supplier Relationship Management systems. Also used for many other business initiatives
such as E-intelligence and Balanced Score Card (BSC).

Business Alerts

Why rely on reports to tell you what is happening with the business. Reports are historic by nature and disable the business
from making timely decisions. Wouldn't it make more sense to be alerted immediately a key event happens (KPI); revenue
margins have reached unacceptable levels for the days trading, stock for key products are dangerously low, Sales Orders are
down unexpectedly, profits are down on budget and previous years.

Project Management

Use Bradburn & Co for specific roles within the Project Team or for offering timely advice on an ad-hoc basis. We have a
wealth of experience integrating into existing projects and can offer invaluable advice when it becomes difficult "to see the wood
from the trees".


Product Research - Feasibility Studies - Existing System Analysis - Supplier Research - Cost Benefit of New System -
Preparation of Tenders - Document User Requirements - Evaluate Tender Responses - Who Benefits Analysis - Return on
Investment Calculation - Assisting in Product Demonstrations - Preparing for Demonstrations - Post Demonstration Analysis -
Contract Negotiations - Reference Site Assistance - System Implementation - Project Plans - Team Plans - Key Personnel
Workshops - Strategic Systems Overviews.

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